about us

in brief

We are an experienced team of experts who are particularly strong in FinTech, IP and M&A. We provide business-oriented and creative solutions.

We also focus on real estate, commercial law and other areas important for business operators. We respond quickly and find answers that are custom-made.


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what we are

experts in their field

Projects we have worked on become precedent setting. As experts, we are invited to participate in the development of legislation that has a significant impact on the development of the industry. We are also invited to publicly express our position on current issues in the field to the general public.

team for 13 years

Team is our value. We have been working as one for several years, complementing and improving each other. Each colleague plays an important role in the overall team knowledge.

partners participate in work with the client

We believe in small teams, personal involvement of partners and their availability during the transaction, thus providing the legal support of highest level to clients.

we attract specialists from other fields

In areas where we do not specialize, we attract other specialists instead of trying to do everything on our own. In the interests of the client, we create a team of experts necessary for the project.

our approach to work

we present our picture of the situation

In each matter, we provide our independent view, based on experience and evaluating every detail. Together, we develop a solution that most directly achieves the client’s business plans, although this may differ from the client’s preliminary view.

business-oriented solution

We look at this task not only from the legal point of view, but also by evaluating the client’s business setting and offer a valuable and suitable solution. We are business-oriented and will look for a way out of even the most difficult situation so that the client’s business can develop successfully.



out-of-box approach

We are innovative. We are not looking for the right solution in the usual way, instead we are thinking openly and attempt to get to the root, evaluating the situation from all possible points of view. That is why we have often been involved in the formation of various innovative businesses that have been pioneers in their respective fields.

responsive and proactive

We can be contacted easily and are always open. We act quickly and appropriately when circumstances require it. We can efficiently adhere to your usual or emergency work rhythm.

Ieva Judinska – Bandeniece

partner | attorney at law

Uldis Judinskis

partner | attorney at law

Ramona Miglāne

partner | attorney at law

Laura Zalāna

specialist counsel | attorney at law

Edgars Turlajs

freelance specialist