Electronic address for legal entities

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We would like to remind you that as per the Law on the Official Electronic Address as of 1 January 2023 all legal entities registered in the Republic of Latvia are obligated to have an official electronic address (e-address).

E-address can be created in two ways:

1. by following the directions in the Latvija.lv portal (if uncertain use the e-address creation video guide in Latvian);

2. by integrating the solution in the document management system of your company, i.e., by connecting the service to your accounting system (additional information in Latvian is available  here).

Using the Latvija.lv e-service, e-address can be created by not only the company’s representatives from Latvia, but also from these countries (provided they have the respective countries eID card) using eIDAS.eID: Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain.

If the management board member does not have the eID card of the aforementioned countries, then:

1. the management board member can apply to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, obtain a personal code of the Republic of Latvia and receive an ID card of the Republic of Latvia. Accordingly, after creating an e-address via the Latvija.lv portal;

2. the e-address can be created by the procurator of the company, who has eID issued by Latvia ore one of the aforementioned countries. However, in such a case, only the procurator will be able to access the e-address.

Should you have any questions regarding the e-address or if we can be of other assistance, please contact us.

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