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New Law Firm Launched that Specializes in FinTech and IP

Ieva Judinska

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drill. is a new law firm launched that has a special focus on the legal aspects of financial technology and intellectual property, thus making a significant contribution to the arrangement of such new field in Latvia and the promotion of the sustainable development of the industry.

Formation of drill. law firm was approved by the decision of 8 December 2020 made by the Latvian Bar Council. It is headed by attorneys at law Ramona Miglāne, Ieva Judinska-Bandeniece and Uldis Judinskis, who are well-known in Latvia and have already proven themselves as experts in the field and masterful team players over many years of experience.

Ieva Judinska-Bandeniece, attorney at law and drill. partner, emphasizes, “The new law firm brings together highly experienced experts to form a team whose core values ​​in professional and daily life are mastery, partnership and growth, providing the client and the general public with the highest level of expertise in legal matters.”

drill. lawyers are known to be the strongest in key business-related areas, such as FinTech (financial technologies), IP (intellectual property), M&A (acquisitions and mergers), data protection, real estate, banking and finance, venture capital, consumer rights, regulated market, etc. The partners are constantly involved in the development of various regulatory legal acts, especially actively participating in the development of the FinTech field in Latvia. Given the growing role of new technologies in building and managing sustainable business, the development of the relevant legal aspects is of paramount importance.

“We are pleased that many of our past projects, especially in the area of ​​online financial services, already serve as a model for other market players, who often take over the legal documentation developed by drill. experts as industry’s best practice,” notes Ramona Miglāne, attorney at law and drill. partner.

drill. always reviews cases and situations from various perspectives and scrutinize them from different aspects, seeing more, not just narrowly answering the client’s question. The specifics of the team is to recommend the best solution to the client and at the same time take a broader view looking at the development potentials and trends of the respective markets.