Partner Ramona Miglāne is nominated to the board of INDEXO bank

We at drill. law firm are proud to announce that our partner Ramona Miglane has been nominated to the Supervisory Board of the future INDEXO bank in Latvia – a clear indication of the strength and breadth of our banking and finance practice.

This is an extraordinary opportunity that has not arisen in Latvia for 25 years and we are confident that Ramona Miglane will make an invaluable contribution to its success and growth.

Ramona Miglane is humbled and honoured to have been selected for such an important role and we are grateful to the board and shareholders of INDEXO for their confidence in her experience and skills.

We wish her well and look forward to confirmation of her appointment by the Bank of Latvia and the European Central Bank.

Ramona Miglane will continue to lead our fintech regulatory, venture capital and banking and finance practices alongside her new role at the bank.