Arturs Smirjagins

senior associate

Artūrs Smirjagins

[email protected]

+371 22030218



Arturs is a drill. senior associate with extensive knowledge and experience in various fields of law, in particular civil law and litigation. His area of practice is wide as Arturs works in a team with the firm’s lawyers, providing legal advice to clients in commercial and real estate matters, licensing of financial market players, consumer lending and litigation.


Arturs began his professional career at a law firm specializing in litigation. This experience taught him how to identify issues concisely and find the most appropriate legal solutions to protect the client’s interests. This knowledge also helps Arturs in drafting contracts, offering a framework for legal relations between the parties aimed at preventing or mitigating potential disputes.


As to his work at drill., Arturs says, “We are like musketeers in law, and the motto ‘All for one, one for all!’ definitely applies to our team. While working together, a very strong and professional team has been formed, which successfully fights for the interests of the clients every day. It is a great pleasure for me to be a part of drill. as a team, where I can constantly improve and gain new valuable knowledge.”


Arturs has good analytical skills, which are especially important in legal work when he has  to analyse large amounts of information. Arturs has an ability to identify the most important information from a huge amount of data and bring the most significant facts to light. drill. clients have appreciated Arturs’s high sense of responsibility and proactive attitude when resolving issues.