Edgars Turlajs

freelance specialist

Edgars Turlajs

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Edgars is a freelance specialist in drill. with significant experience in various fields, including business matters, in particular commercial law and M&A. Edgars has been working with the firm’s lawyers for more than 10 years and knows both the clients and their needs perfectly well.


Edgars has gained professional experience in Krodere & Judinska law firm, working side by side with the current drill. colleagues, Ieva Judinska-Bandeniece, Ramona Miglāne, and Uldis Judinskis, who have played an important role in Edgars’ professional development.


“I am very happy that it was a law firm where my career has developed, because the work is dynamic, challenging, creative and responsible. That is why it is always a great satisfaction to see that your work has helped people. This is very important to me,” says Edgars.


Clients appreciate Edgars’ loyalty, confidence and openness in any situation, he is endowed with inexhaustible power, energy and ability to work under pressure over a long period of time. According to colleagues, Edgars is very positive and has a great sense of humour. He has charisma and selflessness – Edgars is very welcoming and will find time to help with advice to anyone who turns to him for help. With his extensive knowledge, Edgars is a great support in the work of his colleagues.


Ieva Judinska – Bandeniece

partner | attorney at law

Uldis Judinskis

partner | attorney at law

Laura Zalāna

specialist counsel | attorney at law