Uldis Judinskis

Attorney at Law

Uldis Judinskis

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Uldis a drill. Partner with 20 years of experience in law. He is an outstanding expert in real estate, construction, commercial law and immigration matters.


Uldis has developed significant professional experience working in the legal department of the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia, Krodere & Judinska law firm, as well as in the State Agency Jaunie Trīs brāļi, where as head of the legal department Uldis organized construction processes of facilities of national importance.


In the drill. team, Uldis continues working on the development of real estate and construction practice, “I am fascinated by the robust nature of this industry and at the same time its great diversity and nuances. Together with our colleagues, we look for and offer solutions to the client no matter how complex the issue is, keeping in mind that there is a solution to every problem, although it is not always seen on the surface.”


Clients appreciate Uldis’ great ability to work, his focus on the overall result, as well as the art of always finding a compromise. In the drill. team, Uldis knows how to bolster up and support the team, and he always listens to others to come up with the best solution, not to satisfy his personal ambitions.